How to Use Tenorshare iAnyGo

Find out here the most complete guides to change iPhone/Android location and simulate GPS movement with Tenorshare iAnyGo. Download and try it now.
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Change Location Mode

Change Location mode allows you to change your device's GPS location to anywhere you want.
Note: For Android devices, you need to Enable USB Debugging first before using iAnyGo.

Single-Spot Movement Mode

Single-Spot Movement allows your device to move to a specific location.
This feature is useful for faking walking distance to hatch Pokémon eggs.

Multi-Spot Movement Mode

Multi-Spot Movement allows you to plan a route between multiple locations.
If you have your own designed route when playing Pokémon GO, then this feature is suitable for you.

Joystick Movement Mode

Joystick Movement allows you to control the direction when moving on your iPhone or Android device.
You can walk freely in Pokémon GO, just like playing outdoors.

Jump Teleport Mode

How to Change Location on iPhone with Short Jump Teleport On iPhone?
iAnyGo Jump teleport help you teleport your phone's GPS location to any custom coordinate.

Find PokeStops

How to Find PokeStops Near You and Scan PokeStop & Gyms Maps On iPhone?
iAnyGo will auto-scan Pokestop & Gym near the selected location.

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